Ear Surgery Salt Lake City

A protruding or disfigured ear may be bothersome as a child or as an adult. Ear surgery (or otoplasty) may improve the appearance of the ear by altering its shape, position, or proportion. Surgery may correct defects or deformities that have been present since birth (congenital) or that may have occurred after trauma or cancer surgery.

The required steps and techniques for correction of the ear will depend upon the deformity. In our experience, correction of even minor deformities can have a significant beneficial impact on one’s appearance and self-esteem.

In general, a child should be at least 5 years old, healthy (no life-threatening illnesses or chronic ear infections), and with cartilage stable enough for surgery. Children younger than teenagers will most likely require a general anesthetic for the procedure. The postoperative care is key in success for the surgery, so the child should be cooperative and capable of following instructions.

Teenagers and adults should also be healthy and without conditions that may impair healing. Smokers are poor candidates for such a procedure. Cooperation for the recovery time period and reasonable expectations are key in a successful result. Many adults and teenagers have been able to undergo otoplasty without a general anesthetic.