Breast Reconstruction Procedures Salt Lake City


Being diagnosed with breast cancer sends a rush of emotions and concerns. Most women want to know if their cancer can be cured and how their body will look after surgery. When a mastectomy has been recommended, a Plastic Surgeon can play a key role in guiding you through the reconstructive options, performing the necessary procedures, and caring for you postoperatively.

You should feel encouraged to decide the type and timing of breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction may include an implant-based process, the use of autologous (your own) tissues, or a combination of both. The type and timing of breast reconstruction should factor in other potential treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation) as well as your body shape, life activities, other medical conditions, and personal preferences.

While current methods of reconstruction cannot re-establish the physiologic function of the breasts, breast reconstruction can provide a patient with a sense of restored body image. Dr. Ferguson frequently quotes one of his patients, who describes, “My reconstruction was not part of my cure; it was part of my healing.”